I am Fernando Andrade

Name: Fernando Andrade

Profile: Full stack developer

Github: /fernandofreamunde

Gitlab: /fernandofreamunde


About me

I'm a Portuguese, Software Developer that arrived in the Netherlands back in 2015. With me I brought energy, perseverance, some self taught PHP knowledge and a love for delivering high quality work.

At some point learning more about coding patterns and exploring frameworks outside of work led me to Symfony, quickly making it my favourite PHP Framework to work with, and with time it got better and better.

I learned that I get more motivated while I'm learning, so that is something that I set to my self to keep on learning new things and tools, as you can see in this bar on the left I am trying to learn more about the frontend and have some curiosity about GoLang, I only started on them so I cant claim I'm an expert, but with enough time I'll get there.

Code is fun but is not everything in life, I have a great interest in other things such as Gaming, playing the guitar, although I am still learning it, and Japanese culture, and language.


Some of the companies that I have had the pleasure to work with
A mobile first challenger bank from the Netherlands, totally independent that removes borders and barriers in traditional banking.
MyParcel.com enables e-commerce and marketplace businesses to save time and money shipping parcels and letters to and from any place in the world.
Flexpedia strives to make payroll a fair, friendly, transparent and easy for the entrepreneurs and their employees. Bringing the human aspect into Payrol and makking people happy in the process.
A collective of tech wizards, concept guru’s and design rockstars dreaming up award winning digital experiences. We work with leading brands and media companies to create innovative solutions that truly stand out.
Lightspeed is a point-of-sale and e-commerce software provider based in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Lightspeed provides small and medium sized retail and restaurant businesses with point of sale solutions.
Hardsecure is an Information Security company based in Lisbon. Implementing innovative security oriented methodologies with the aim to provide peace of mind to our customers.

Code Samples

some samples of code mostly written as assessments to different companies or just side projects

Chat App

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